Pg 17; ‘ _Just don’t mention Vlad.’
Top panel the four in silhouette.
Panels indicating that they are travelling towards some low hills. There is a narrow passageway into which they walk.
‘Do you even know where we’re going?’
‘Oh course I know.’
‘Sort of.’
‘Sort of!?’
Panel of Kono and Cadras faces. The whole panel should be shaken and their faces ‘blurry’ if possible.
‘What was that?’
‘That kid, is where we’re headin’’

Another shaky panel. Show a gap between both sides of the passage. Its full of zombies.
Next panel a steel wall fills the gap. Give it some lines to indicate it has fallen from above.
‘A steel wall. Where did that come from?’
‘That’s not a wall kid. ­‘

Pg 19: Single panel. Four figures very small, there is a huge wheel with spikes. Wheel is moving if you can indicate that but slowly.
‘_ it’s our ride.’

Pg 20: Another McAfee and Norton page. As before like Rupert. Four panels with room for writing.

McAfee and Norton go to the Beach.
Panel one: M & N arrive at a nondescript building. A wooden sign reads; B.E.A.C.H.
McAfee and Norton are in search of clues.
They have so little time to lose.
Panel Two: The two are inside the building. In this room there is a view window in which we can see water and waves.
To search for that which is no longer there;
Norton will have to surf with care.
Panel Three: Norton in an old fashioned bathing suit surfing, perhaps a tunnel of water, you know what I mean.
The currents push and pull him hither;
But still the information he will gather.
Panel Four: The two at some sort of terminal (the Innernet)
Finally they find that which they need;
Most startling information they are both agreed.

McAfee and Norton travel to the Broadband Encryption Archive Control Headquarters where deleted data is kept secure. Norton follows the trail of information on Cadra and her Uncle and Aunt and feeds it back to McAfee at the controls of the Innernet computer terminal. When he returns McAfee has some surprising news for Norton. ‘You see here, and here?’ he points to the screen at what is plain to see. ‘The Mothership was dispatched to erase three programmes but when I follow the trail of the girl back to her parents I find this.’ ‘Her documentation is false!’ ‘It’s good yes; but utterly bogus. This Cadra has no proof of construction at any Temple. She simply does not exist! And there is more. Only two programmes were deleted!’