Page 17:
This was printed as the last page (sorry).
It starts ‘The Codefields’.
Wheeooeeoooeoooo - Closest I could get to a Tardis landing/taking off sound.
Maggies Farm and Parchman’s Farm are old songs from Bob Dylan and Delta Blues man Bukka White respectively.
Page 18:
The Worlds End Pub - This was written in months before we had even heard of the Simon Pegg movie. The pub is a Probability Nexus that sort of moves you through dimensions relatively speaking. I was initially going to make it ‘smaller on the inside’ but fitting all the characters into a snug (a type of small room in a bar) was stupid.
Page 19:
This whole page is in the style of the Rupert Bear annuals. Again I aim to keep Macafee and Norton presented this way, until they meet the other characters; what happens then I have no idea!
Second Level:
Kono - If you type solo into google translate and turn English into Macedonian you get cono. Change the c to a k and Kono is derived from Solo. (I did mention a certain film didn’t I?) In later Levels Kono will be using a Voxel Sword. A voxel is a term used in computer gaming but I’m using it as a nod to the Vorpel Sword in Alice in Wonderland. We may see a Jabberwocky.
Chimera - The hairy one to oh so smooth Kono. Only Kono appears to understand him, why doesn’t the automatic translator work? Well he has a secret which we will dig into starting with the second story arc. Chimera wields a BSD gun which he swears means ‘Bl***** Sucking Death’ gun but could actually be a Blue Screen of Death gun. Where did he get this from - well again we’ll fill in the details in the months to come.
I suppose we need to talk about s*x. Or how do the little people end up under all those mulberry bushes? The Servers have Temples (To be seen in Level 3) and these extract code from both parties and ‘create’ a new life. As we shall learn though when humanity died nine people were already downloaded into the Internet. These ‘Old Men of the Internet’ could no longer return to our physical world so they manipulated code to ensure that eventually life would spontaneously arrive. The Servers were to help UNTIL then; but power corrupts and rather than allow anyone to create life, and so chaos as they see it, they decided to kill off these Self-Replicators; the Se-Reps. We will eventually meet all nine of these ‘Old Men’ but for now their identities remain a secret (until we can figure out who they are ourselves!) What we do know is that they had a falling out and are no longer all on the same side.
Who will win?
What does Humanization.com stand for?
Is it a heaven for Se-Reps?
Or perhaps an organisation out to build a better world?
It may just be the over arcing name of the series.
We plan to ‘do’ a Manga issue (with Cadra asking why does she have to look like a school girl in a short skirt and pigtails.)
We will do an issue based on the Modesty Blaise daily strips.
We may explore the .XXX world. Or even an issue of black pages - it’s the ‘dark net’ what do you expect?
Please contact us with your ideas and comments.
Issue Two