Pg 8: The two approach a third person. A priest dressed like one of the servers from issue 1. This is a scene set within a church like building so lots of religious type icons. Stained glass windows, vaulted ceilings, columns. The panels can be set as you like. Follow the story and draw it as you want. Think Turing Potter-Lee etc
‘My friends. We were about to shut the doors on the day.’
‘Our apologies Father. We were _ delayed.’
‘No matter. You have climbed the 7777.7 steps and come now before me requesting life. We turn none away.’
The two smile wickedly.
‘Thank you Father.’
‘Now then.’ He produces a device and places it upon an arm. ‘This will hurt but a little.’ He does the same to the second figure and turns to a baptismal alter. He raises his hands holding the device aloft in both of them. A rrrrrnnnd! Noise comes from it.
We come from The Turing and through The Gate to The Job and _’ He looks puzzled at the machine that is buzzing in his hands. The two can start to ‘warp’ their appearance changing.
‘That can’t be right?’ He looks closely at the machine while the two stop changing. ‘This code is wrong.’ He turns in horror.

Pg 9: One of the people places a bomb, all technical and stuff, on the priests clothes. They then turn and run as the priest dies however you want; explosion, disruption; lots of code all over the place.
‘It is You who is wrong ‘Father’.’ The server mask slips from his face revealing another face beneath.
They run down the steps. Energy beams shoot down from the sky.
It is said that the 7777.7 steps to Life teaches you humility and mercy; that to attain the precious gift of childhood one should learn sacrifice and patience. That the descent is rich with joy. But today the steps are home only to death; the descent only leading to de-coding.
‘You have the impunity to attack one of my avatars?’ A figure descends from the sky on some sort of sky sled contraption. ‘And believe you could escape?’
It is the proper Server the priest been a copy as it were. The two figures fade away.
The figures look up at him as he fires upon them. They smile as they fade away, de-coded. Together: ‘We give our codes for the greater good.’

Pg 10: The Server lands at the top of the steps and pushes the Temples doors wide open in anger.
‘Did you get that?’
‘Yes we saw.’ Mr G or anyone of the Servers.
The Server walks over to the smoking remains of the priest, shoot from above. Last half of page is one panel also view from above looking down.
‘Are you sure its them?’
‘Yes it could be any of a dozen crackpot Conspiricies.’
‘No its them alright. – It’s the Underground.’
See a map of the London Underground on the floor around the dead priest.

Pg 11: Half page panel of Cadra etc fighting the zombies. Chimra uses his gun, Kono his sword , Mutt his fire breathing and Cadra her kung fu.
The wasteland; a place of wondrous beauty and infinite pleasure. Or as it would have been written by a madman on ‘GoodTripper’ if they had little grasp of the words beauty or pleasure.
Panels of individual fights fill the rest of the page. Also the ‘door’ joke we discussed – all the zombies trying to smash open a door that stands alone (you could have one or two of our characters looking on in amazement)
‘So are they called Jigsaw Zombies because at the first sign of danger they fall to pieces?’
‘Not really kid. They’re made up of bits n’ pieces of code they find.’
We can have a shot of a half dead zombie pick over the parts of another zombie and stick bits of him/her onto themselves.

Pg 12/13: we can have the panels on these two pages run right across. Just knock yourself out with the fighting. Just one old fashioned ‘Biff*’
(*Brought to you in conjunction with 20th Century Fox (B**m*n) 1966TM. Noneditor)

Pg 14: Still fighting.
‘Are you sure they’re not infectious; cuz I got code splatter off them in my mouth?’
‘Nah. They’re just the remnants of once deleted things. Something that gets left behind when you delete even from the Recycler. A sort of ghost image of code. There’s no viral input at all. A Jigsaw Zombie.’
‘Yuk! I just got a ghost image of brains on my face.’
Cadra swings a zombie around and into a group of other zombies.
‘Here you go Mutt.’ Mutt fries them.
‘That seems to be the last of ‘em.’
‘Ok I’ll try not to speak too soon.’

Pg 15: A talking page so you can do head shots, longshots whatever you want. Mostly Cadra and Kono speaking.
‘Well kid; looks like we can get on our way.’
‘To find the Prince?’
‘Actually to find someone who can help us find someone who can help us find the Prince.’
‘Is it always this complicated with you?’
‘Complicated? I’m a simple bloke. Point me in the right direction and I’ll either nick it or kill it.’
‘Shaggin’ is NOT a third option!’
Bit of silence. (‘I am only thirteen you know’)
‘So who are we going to see first?’
‘A friend from the old days.’

Pg 16: Full page showing a little of the curve of the bin. Rocks and the odd dry tree, We see the four upper left corner as small dots/figures. Then a third of the way down the page a little bigger. Slightly bigger just past halfway and down the page and then bigger still at bottom right.
‘She’ll have forgotten that.’
‘And that.’
‘Technically that wasn’t my fault.’
‘She may remember that but she’ll forgive me.’
‘Now that she’ll remember. –‘
(I can’t believe where I am. Just a day ago I was working the codefield with Mutt and now I’m here in the Recycle Bin {whatever that is} looking for a Prince. Not that I really believe in Princes. But then I didn’t believe in giant mother ships blasting Uncle Nathen’s farm [*]; or Probability Nexus’ disguised as pubs [**].)
(* Zone One. Noneditor   ** Last Zone, Noneditor)