Humanisation.com issue 3
Pg 1: Background of 1’s and 0’s in a swirly pattern. Head shots of Cadra, Kono. Chimra, Hunter/Body guard, Blank head for The Prince and finally Mutt. They can be from old panels so you don’t have to go and recreate a lot.
Cadra: recently orphaned and now searching for meaning in her Aunt and Uncles deaths.
Kono: a freelance mercenary for hire who witnessed the death of his own parents and sister in similar circumstances to Cadra. (possibly an arrow from him to her.)
Chimra: Friend and colleague of (arrow to Kono) Even the latest translation software appears unable to interpret his guttural sounds.
Mutt: Cadra’s pet since her birth. What he is exactly is anyone’s guess.
The Prince: A known Se-Rep, a self replicator. Someone who, with another Se-Rep, will be able to create life in the Internet. A very bad thing (if you are one of the Servers)
The Princes Body Guard – A man dedicated to protecting his Prince, but also hiding a much darker secret.  

(“And please feel free to send your guesses to them. They haven’t actually worked out his back story yet so need all the help they can get – Noneditor)

Pg 2/3: Double page with title and credits.
A wasteland I call my home.
Written in Word by Ste Whitehouse – Pencilled on paper by Jowy
Not actually edited by Noneditor.
I want to take you through
a wasteland I like to call my home
Welcome To Paradise
Green Day – Welcome to Paradise

The surface curves inwards (because we’re inside the Recycle bin) You can go wild here but try to include a homage to Fallout. I’d like one or two walls to put up graffiti along the lines of ‘Pip-boy stinks’; ‘Ghouls only glow when excited’, ‘Water chips – Black Friday sale’ I see the bottom right corner (ie page 3) as a large wall, you can have it in shadow or whatever, just at a slight angle so that when I put the title in it sloops somewhat.

As we progress there will be lots of places for such graffito’s so here is a list for you (or me) to display here and there.
War, War never changes.
Vault 13 – Come back wanderer all is forgiven.
Are you S.P.E.C.I.A.L. too?
Tycho looking for a good time? Call 009283756812
In need of a new home; Dogmeat, one careful owner,
Wanted 10 grams of Melange. (Have we wondered into the wrong desert?)
G.E.C.K. or Gecko? I’m confused.
Special Encounters’ guaranteed; call 02938475748392010 after sunset.
Ian pokes Brahmin.
JJ does it to Cats Paw mags.
BOS rulze

Pg 4: A couple of panels of Cadra as she opens what I call a film. A sheet with which she can access the internet; (in the internet? Don’t ask) She does this by making a square with finger and thumbs of both hands and then ‘opening’ it up.(Also you can either draw a film in or I can add it using Manga Studio) Have Kono and Chimra in background talking. Then Cadra turns to Chimra.
‘Ghrrrr?’ see Ghrrr and ‘Translation: Ghrrr.
Cadra shakes the film and then taps more buttons. At the bottom of the panel we get subtitles.
‘That’s not right.’
ST That’s not right.
‘What isn’t?’
ST what isn’t?
ST Ghrrrew.
‘I couldn’t even get a film up in the pub back there, let alone access the under-code.’
‘That’ll be the _’
ST I couldn’t even get a film up in the p_ click as she switches subtitles off.
‘Improbability Nexus.’ Together.
‘I figured that out, but out here my access must still be corrupt as I can’t translate anything Chimra says.’
Kono looks embarrassed. ‘Chimra’s a little _ different y’see. He won’t translate.’
‘You understand him?’
‘I’ve had practice.’

Pg 5: Pg four can actually run onto this page if you want. I need the page to end on the recycling bin so if you want to ease up on pg 4 and put a few more talking panels on this page I’m ok with it. If that is so then this thin panel, can run either the along top of page or lower down. Possibly all four in silhouette. Then more panels of dialogue.
‘Ok. So where are we? The Wasteland? Why is the ground curved up and over our heads? Is it a tunnel? Does it lead somewhere?’
Kono rolls his eyes. ‘I preferred it when she was trying to speak to you.’
Chimra laughs.
‘This kid is where everything that’s not anything ends up. It’s where you put stuff you no longer need. This is where old programmes go to die. This is the Recycling Bin.’
A nice floating bin.

Pg 6: Just follow the sentences and draw as appropriate; Cadra pointing over Kono’s shoulder. Then lots of Zombies.‘Of course it’s not the friendliest place on the net. It has a lot of _’
‘Yeah how did you guess?’
‘No. Seriously. Zombies!’ Cadra points; a half page panel of them surrounded by the walking dead. These can be just ordinary Zombies or Ghouls from Fallout. I was also thinking you could mix it up a bit. Have zombie Simpsons, ponies, cowboys, knights, whatever you want to put in. we’re running scattershot here after all.

Pg 7: Half page panel of stairs with two characters almost black against the white steps. I’m thinking the steps can be literally just lines, diagonal, across the panel, with the two shadows stretching away from them.

This sort of thing

The City. One of the Server Temples. It is said that the 7777.7 steps are there as a form of penitence. As you climb, each step reminds you that life is sacred; that the choice facing you is of great importance. The glitch; the .7th of a step is there to remind you that as in all things, life holds flaws, imperfections. You are imperfect as I am imperfect.
Panels of the two climbing. Male and female. They won’t be staying around long so don’t over think them.
For Antonio.and.Emma­_shillingsmith847467@network imperfection is something they strongly identify with. They hold each other tightly for support and comfort. For all others who have travelled here life their goal. For Antonio and Emma it is something else.
Last panel the two cast long shadows along with two doors (unseen).
Script from Level Three of Humanization.com