A run through of our influences and idiosyncrasies.
The Cover:
You’ll notice on the Cover that there is a white roadway running from the green up into the City. This is the Information Superhighway. We will return to it in later Levels.
And speaking of Levels. As you can see this first ‘issue’ is in fact Level One. We decided to call them Levels instead of issues; so when you see us speak of a Level it will  indicate an Issue - i.e. Our first story arc takes place over issues 1 - 6, or in Humanization speak, Levels 1- 6.
Page 1:
‘Large Exposition Dump’ - Have a look at the 0’s and 1’s below. Lets turn it onto the side and look at some of the letters; say posit from Exposition;
P - 0110
O - 111
S - 000
I - 00
T - 1
We could write this another way;
P . _ _ . (Dot Dash Dash Dot)
O _ _ _ (Dash Dash Dash)
S ... (Dot Dot Dot)
I .. (Dot Dot)
T _ (Dash)
We’ll be adding little insights via this M**** C*** each Level.
‘The Singularity’ - This is an event likely to occur some time in the future when man and machine merge.
‘The Southern Carolina Baptismal Church of Christ the Redeemed’ vs ‘The Northern Carolina Baptismal Church of the Redeemed Christ’. The Life of Brian by Monty Python with their ‘Peoples Front of Judea’.
Page 2:
‘The HMS Catherine - Guess which Royal.
‘Under the Arctic flow’ - courtesy of Nevil Shute and his book ‘On the Beach’ (The film gave me nightmares as a kid.)
‘Down on the Farm’ - I came up with the idea of naming each Level from a song, not necessarily its title; and worse from something on my Ipod. I have pretty eclectic tastes, and over 9000 songs (as of today) to play with. Even so I had down load this Doors song from Apple (sigh) It has also become elastic; Level 4 is titled ‘We built this city on Rock and Rails’, a slight deviation.
Page 3:
Well this is what Jowy loves creating. Spot the low resolution duck, Twitter, Kick-starter, Veronica Mars, Egyptian, robot.....
Page 5:
We meet Cadra and Mutt her pet. I came up with Cadra’s name one day when thinking about the ‘Blue Screen of Death’. If your computer freezes you have to press ctl, alt, del to bring up the Task Manager. CAD add RA to make a name and there we are. As for Mutt. Well I have always wanted a second dog so that I could call it Cat. The idea of standing in a park and shouting ‘Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty’ only for a huge Labrador to come bounding over is one of my more saner thoughts! Anyway apart from causing identity crisis in dogs, I thought that Cadra could call the dragon who disguises himself as a cat MUTT. (Why he is in disguise and what sort of dragon he is, if indeed he is even a dragon, we leave for Levels many months in the future. As for what MUTT stands for...!? Well we will tell you eventually.)
Cadra works the Codefields for XP, Gold and bitcoins.
ULLLLAAAAA - the sound of Martian Death Rays from War of the Worlds (Jeff Wayne version)
Page 6:
Isn’t he a little short to be a Storm Trooper?
Page 8:
Waaaaay to many bits to mention. Just grab a magnifying glass and look.
Page 9:
An Aunt and Uncle, a farm, Storm Troopers? Well George’s story of a farm lad making good wasn’t exactly new so all we will say is we’re rifting off the same chord!
The eye flashes followed by ‘Er Guys I know Kung Fu’ come’s from Chuck a TV series from 2007.
Uncle Nathen is allegedly Scottish but my poor writing skills may hide that fact (My wife is half Scottish but having been born in Sunderland and brought up in Sutton Coldfield she has no accent for me to copy.)
Page 13:
The Mothership - Jowy has incorporated a mother and child in the design; have a ‘Where's Wally’ moment to find her.
Here The Captain, the obvious lacky, bears a striking resemblance to a certain baddy. (Did I mention a film you may have seen that has lots of battles in amongst the stars?)
Page 14:
As the sweet little bird flies higher it ‘upgrades’ itself.
This is Level 3001 the highest point in the Internet/city (confusingly so as I have said we are calling each issue a Level but the two have nothing to do with each other.)
Mayhap's you recognise the logos prithee.
Page 15:
The Servers are based upon those aspects of the Internet that are ‘famous’ today. As intelligence rose it took as the symbols of power these recognisable images. Hence Ser G has a G symbol; Ser M four squares, Ser T a bird, Ser F a face symbol. Each Server, male or female, is called Ser a cross between server and the knights in A Song of Ice and Fire (Better known as The Game of Thrones)
Page 16:
Note the ‘hidden’ character whispering into the ears of some of the Servers. Who is he? We know but we’re not telling yet.