Page 1: So we start with a brief recap and then we run full pelt.  For a start there is the binary/Morse code at the top (something about the Nine Old men of the Internet) and we meet the Noneditor – a joke as of course we do not have an editor hence the none bit. Also a bit of the ‘Stones’ never hurt.
Page 2: We see the inside of the Pub. Just soak up Jowy’s images. Also note the small creature ‘underneath’ the first panel; and another barman!?
Page 3; Don’t worry you aren’t supposed to ‘hear’ the little guys. The barman offers Cadra a ‘Whiskey in the jar’ a Thin Lizzy reference. (Do you get the impression I like my music a little loud?)
A Probability Nexus – God knows what one of those is; it just sounds great.
Page 4: Okaaaay! This is Kono and Chimra based on a certain Solo and walking rug-like creature from a certain film.  There are a number of references (including one to who shot first) and our little guest leaves.
Page 5: A barkeep named Sam? Shades of Casablanca. Also Chimra appears not to speak English.
Page 7: The lower levels of the internet. Again Jowy just lets rip here so go ahead and have a look around; I’ll wait for you. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Okay? Had a good look around? So we’ll continue. Please note the ‘Avatar 101’ sign floating alongside her. We’ll see why next page.
Page 8: We see the inside of Andrya’s ‘flat’ (Flats are what we Brits call apartment buildings so it’s appropriate that these are actually only ‘one pixel wide’.
Jen. Roy and Moss – the I.T Crowd (after all Jen did have the whole internet in a box)
Andrya’s ‘Avatar’ is dropped and we see who she really is.
Page 9: ‘where are you tonight sweet Marie’ is a quote from a Bob Dylan song ‘Absolutely Sweet Marie’. So this is the Emoticon Killer. We will see a lot more of him in later Levels.
Note her throat is bleeding 1’s and 0’s.
Page 10: Please note the window behind the three characters over the next few pages. Also Jowy loads in a handful of bits and pieces – including a Slade album (they did do a little more than Merry Christmas Everybody)
Page 11: A Se-Rep. A self Replicator. This is the next evolutionary step within the internet; or it would be if the Servers didn’t hate it so much.
Page 12: The next few pages are Kono’s back story or at least part of it.
Page 14: F5, the function key you press the refresh a web page – now imagine that you actually live in that web page; what would a refresh be like? We also decided to use swearword as a swearword.
Page 16: We deliberately went for a more cartoony style when Cadra thinks about ‘The Prince’.
Page 17: Okay ‘The Wasteland; Do you recognise the signage from New Vegas (Fallout) and the ghoul is singing to the tune of Graceland – hence the apology to Paul Simon. There is also a ‘B.O.S. Rulze’ graffiti somewhere there.
Page 18: We meet The Princes body guard.
Page 19: ‘Blood’ is taken. (again 1’s and 0’s)
Page 20: And a plaster applied. But to whom?
And that helmet looks familiar. Was the Bodyguard just out on the balcony or did he travel further afield?